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Our specialization is marketing, branding, advertising, monitoring and analytics.

At OC Prorsum we help ambitious businesses get noticed by blending our experience in different markets, the expertise of our team and the wishes of our clients. We build and maintain influence for our clients across relevant sectors.

We leverage our knowledge to develop acutely targeted and commercially focused marketing and advertising campaigns for our clients, helping them to stay ahead, carve distinctive positions, shape their brand, create the content and campaigns that bring up their market visibility and amplify their uniqueness.

Offering our clients a full range of integrated brand development services to achieve their business objectives. If you want people to adore your brand, we’ll help to build strong connections with them. We have great experience in re-branding and co-branding activities, helping to shape our clients’ image visible to the public and lead the brand to universal recognition.
  • Brand Purpose and Corporate Social Responsibility Audit
  • Brand Development & Brand Identity
  • Tone of Voice and Key Message Development
  • Brand Guidelines and Visual Toolkits
  • Brand Events, Activations & Partnerships
  • Brand Value Assessment
  • Website Design
Helping our clients to focus on how their businesses communicate a message to their desired market, or the whole market in general. We know the best approach to any, even the smallest and the most sophisticated target audience to create a secure bridge between them and the brand.
  • Market Research
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Event Management
  • Marketing Campaigns and Special Projects
  • Sales Promotion
  • Sponsorships
  • Direct Marketing
Architecting interactive experiences for our clients that bring the brand forward, creating bonds between the brand and target audiences. We provide full-service advertising needs, using all modern advertising technologies in 360-degree communications, creating lasting impressions.
  • Design and Creative
  • Celebrity Management
  • Influencers Management
  • Video Creation and Editing
  • Digital Advertising
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization
Providing a constant stream of news for our clients. We have the ability to provide monitoring of any volume, any complexity, at any time convenient for our clients. We use refined algorithms, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automated tools to monitor media.
  • Brand/Product/Corporate/Individual Monitoring
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Media Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Alerts
  • Crisis Media Monitoring
  • Industry Monitoring
  • Statistics
Helping our clients measure all that can and can’t be measured, bringing forward data that unlocks insight, shape narratives, harness influencers, activate campaigns, navigate regulations and access markets. Rigorous research underpins everything we do to ensure that we achieve outstanding results for our clients.
  • Reputation Audit
  • Desk Research
  • White-Papers
  • Analysis of the Public Field
  • Website/Social Media/Social Platform Analytics
  • Surveys, Interviews and Focus Groups
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